A La Carte



Red Carpet Peel
A quick refreshing peel with malic and salicylic acids to enhance skin tone and clarity. Relieves congestion, dullness and sallowness. Increases cell turnover, smooths skin, makes skin radiant. Has little to no downtime.
25 min - $80
Add-on to a Facial - $50

Advanced Peel
A slightly stronger peel to retexturize and smoothes skin, improve pigmentation, or target acne and rosacea. Some downtime required, hands, decollete and back can also be treated with this peel. Post peel care kit included. We we have several peels to choose from depending on your individual needs. Our peels include malic, salicylic, mandelic, glycolic, and lactic.
50 min - $125
Add-on to a Facial - $70

A non-invasive exfoliation method used to scrape off the top layer of dead skin as well as “peach fuzz” which can trap excess dirt and oil. Dermaplaning makes skin care products and makeup easier to apply.
25 min - $60
Add-on to a Facial - $30

Facial Cupping
The ancient practice of cupping uses suction cups directly on skin in constant motion to promote circulation, relieve facial swelling reducing puffiness, temporarily softening fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating collagen and helping products absorb easier. It's beneficial for acne sufferers as it aids in extractions and pulls excess oils to the surface. When it comes to the face and jawline, cupping can sometimes help with sinus congestion and headaches.
25 min - $65
Add-on to a Facial - $35

Eye Renewal
A service to soften fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate and reduce puffiness of the eyes. Includes an Ayurvedic herbal eye mask.
25 min - $50
Add-on to a Facial - $30

Hand or Foot Treatment
A paraffin alternative containing organic coconut oils, jojoba, shea, vitamin E and essential oils to moisturize and soften hands or feet.
25 min - $30
Add-on to a Facial - $15