Oncology Services

Oncology SPA Services



DermaEnVie is proud to have estheticians on staff that have been specifically trained to care for skin that has been indirectly affected by Chemotherapy Medications, Radiation Therapy and stress from cancer treatments. Dry and itchy skin are some of the most common side effects and can be very uncomfortable causing restlessness, anxiety, skin sores and infection if not treated. Our goal is to hydrate and protect your precious barrier while providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We offer a range of safe products to use without irritating or toxic ingredients.

What does it mean to be Oncology Trained?

Each one of our Master Estheticians have been oncology trained, meaning we can safely perform services on individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, are currently going through treatment, as well as those in remission. The training is an intensive four-day course in which testing and achieving a passing score is required prior to obtaining certification. During this course we became proficient in not only various healing treatments, but also the history of oncology, cancer treatments, integrative cancer therapies, product safety, treatment modifications, and much more, as well as perform hands on treatments with current patients and those in remission.

What does each treatment entail?

During our oncology skin care treatments, we start off with a thorough and in-depth consultation. Each treatment is modified for the protection of our guest to insure safety and comfort. We only use products that have been approved by Oncology Spa Solutions as well as the Skin Cancer Foundation, which have been tested and proven to increase healing for compromised skin.

Our Motivation is Making a Difference.

Here at DermaEnVie, we pride ourselves in taking the necessary steps it takes to become properly licensed, trained, and certified professionals. We believe that honesty and integrity are key when building client relationships and trust. Each one of our staff members has been affected by cancer, either with a personal diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a loved one. Our personal experiences have opened our hearts to make a difference to those around us. We believe in the importance of proper knowledge and awareness, as well as the healing of personal touch.

Ingredients Matter!

Did you know there are many ingredients to avoid in your personal care products? If you have any concerns about your home care products, please feel free to stop by and see us! We would be happy to look over the ingredients with you and help you find products that are safe and free of harmful toxins.

Come see us, we are here for you!

If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, is currently undergoing treatment, or on the road to recovery we would love to meet you! We offer complementary consultations as well as a Healing Hydration Facial, and The Care Giver's Retreat.

At DermaEnVie, each facial is completely customized and modified to specifically address the needs and concerns of our guests’ safely and efficiently.

Healing Hydration Facial
A customized facial for each client designed to counter act the effects of cancer treatments on the skin.
50 mins - $70

The Caregivers Retreat
Designed for that special someone caring for a loved one battling cancer. A great way to say "Thank You!" You must purchase the "Healing Hydration Facial" for another person or accompany someone recieving the "Healing Hydration Facial" to be eligible for this service.
50 mins - $70