Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup SPA Services



Permanent Cosmetic Makeup is often referred to as semi permanent. This is false. Permanent cosmetic makeup is exactly that: permanent. It’s a tattoo that is created using needles or a line of needles to form a “blade” and can be done manually or with a machine. Unlike body tattoos, permanent makeup uses pigment instead of ink and is deposited into the upper papillary layer of the dermis. Body tattoos go deeper. Although permanent makeup can fade over time, it is a permanent procedure. Every person is unique and will accept or hold on to pigment differently. It can fade tremendously on some, or remain vibrant for many years on others. At DermaEnVie, attention to detail and safety is a main concern and our clients are thoroughly educated on these procedures prior to booking a service.

Permanent Makeup Consultation
All Permanent Makeup services require a consultation to educate clients on the process, after care treatment and contraindications prior to booking an appointment. Consultation fees will be applied to the price of the service.
30 mins - $50

Eye Liner/Top Only
Eyeliner applied to the top eyelid. One touch-up service included.
2 hrs 30 mins - $300

Eye Liner/Bottom Only
Eye Liner applied to the bottom eyelid. One touch-up service included.
1 hrs - $100

Applying individual strokes to the brow to give the appearance of real hair. One touch-up service included.
2 hrs 30 mins - $400

Powder Brows
A shading technique to give the appearance of a soft powder filled brow. One touch-up service included.
3 hrs - $400